In accordance with Mardin Artuklu University’s  identification which is envisaged to be based on mainly social sciences, The Faculty of Architecture doesn’t describe its academic approach as traning a technocrat or a technical person. The teaching programs are arranged so that the production and design place will be considered social practices. By this we mean that in the faculty the education is performed with an acceptance that arcihtecture is itself socialness unlike the common stereotype that the architect designs for the society. Therefore we apply an approach that centers on history-theory practices and adds the other architectural practices.

If the adjective experimentialism still makes sense for teaching artichecture, though worn gradually, it can be argued that experimental activity is carried out in Mardin. Of course, it has not only advantages but also disadvantages. However, thanks to the positive factors such as being newly founded and having enough students, the faculty has the opportunity to adapt the content of the programs to the circumstances rapidly and if needed, to revise them radically.